Earth Tone of Color Burst Share-2nd Edition








Aloha Guys!

Today I wanted to share the 2nd Edition of Color Burst that Ken Oliver Released in 2015.  First set of colors were more Primary colors and these are more of an Earth tones.

He released Brand New Colors at CHA 2016 as well as what he called liquid metal.  I’m super excited for his New colors so I thought I’d shared his 2nd release of colors that I’ve never shared before.  I do have a Product focus on his first collection of colors, so I’ll leave that link below if you want to check it out.

Just so that there are no confusion, these are NOT the latest colors he released at CHA2016.  The New colors hasn’t been released to the stores yet!!

Here is the Video on the First Edition of Color Bursts:

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you back soon 🙂  Thanks

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2 thoughts on “Earth Tone of Color Burst Share-2nd Edition

  1. After watching your first video on Color Burst, I knew I had to buy them. My granddaughter and I have used her color creations to make sets of greeting cards that she gave to her teacher for Christmas. We were inspired on the first video and equally enthralled with this video. Mahalo!

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