Prima Water-Soluable Oil Pastels-Tupelo Designs LLC




Aloha Guys!

Today I’m making a card for Tupelo Designs LLC and I’ll be sharing the Prima water-soluble oil pastels as well as the Hero Arts stamp set.  I’ll be using the oil pastels as a watercolor medium and do some very loose watercoloring.  These come in a pack of 24 and they are very reasonably priced, so it you’ve never played with these types of mediums, you can try them out.  They are like crayons and you can use them in so many different ways and this is just one way to to use them.  I hope you like this video and please hit the like and subscribe button, so you won’t miss another video.  Holiday’s are approaching us very quickly, so soon I’ll start on some Holiday projects.  I’m actually very late this year for some reason, lol.  Please check out Tupelo Designs LLC for the supplies and the sales as well.  Thanks again 🙂

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