Stampin Up meets Prismacolor Nupastels



Aloha Guys!

Today I’m sharing with you this quick card I made using my Prismacolor Nupstels, my Stampin Up stamp called Holiday Homes, and the Hero Arts Tiny stars background stamps.  I do have a full tutorial on this card if you like to check that out on my Youtube Channel.  I did some stamp surgery here for this card and cut off the tree that’s suppose to be on the right side so I can use that tree separate from this landscape stamp.  You could just mask off the stamp and use it that way if you don’t like cutting your stamps.  I don’t mind cutting my stamps and I do this quite often to get more different uses out of it.  I used a watercolor paper for this card but you can just use your regular white card stock too since there won’t be too much moisture added to the background.  After stamping the tree and the landscape with  Stazon ink, I masked it off with some post it notes and used my embossing buddy to get off the static.  I then stamped the starry background using the Hero Arts Tiny star background.  This is a very versatile stamp set and I think it’s a must have.  I poured white embossing on it and heat it with my heat gun.  Now the embossing powder will resist the pastels.  I chose purple and several shades of Blues and scribbled across not being too neat about it and spread the color around using a baby wipe.  Since this pastels can be used with water, it mixes the color very well.  I’m trying to stretch out my products I have at home, that’s just collecting dust and playing around with them to see what I can create. I really liked this method and I plan to try watercoloring with it next and see how that turns out.  I usually don’t make too many Holiday cards since the cards I’ll be giving as gifts will mostly be for everyday use so they can use it throughout the year.  The Holiday Cards I’ll be making this year will be sent to Caring Hearts Card Drive!  I think it’s a great cause and I want to help if I can:).  Thank you so much for stopping by and please leave me a comment, I love to hear your comments:)  Please subscribe for more inspirations and ideas.  Much Mahalo!
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3 thoughts on “Stampin Up meets Prismacolor Nupastels

  1. Great Card, Joy! I love the pastels on the background. Did you have to spray them with a fixative at all when you were done so they didn’t rub off?

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment:). I didn’t need to add fixative on this card because the baby wipes were wet and it didn’t rub off after. I noticed the prismacolor nupastels don’t rub off as much as some of the other brands I have, but I just use cheap hair spray if I need to:)

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