Blending Color Pencils with Gamsol

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Aloha Guys!

Today I’m just going to be coloring only.  I’m using this New Fantasia Color pencils and Inktense pencils with Gamsol.  I printed out this cute image I purchased from the Greeting farm’s website.  This digital image comes in a 5 pack and there’s 5 images for $5.00.  Super good deal.  Anyways, I’m using this Fantasia color pencils that I purchased for my daughter because she wanted her color pencils in a tin just like my colored pencils.  I haven’t tried it out yet and I’m trying it on this image, but it didn’t blend too well as I liked it to be.  I think it may be because my container of gambol was not wet enough, which I figure out towards the middle of coloring.  So i might do a separate video on this color pencil set.  I love to color The greeting farm images because their heads are really big and the drawings are simple.  The greeting farm and Some odd girl are like favorite things to color, and I purchased plenty of it, lol.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and please subscribe for more inspirations and Ideas.  Thank you

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