Vintage Roses Card Set using Altenew Crisp Ink Pads-Tupelo Designs LLC




Aloha Guys!

Today I’m making some last minute Christmas gifts. Even though I’m making Christmas gifts, I like making general cards for the recipient to use all year long. In my opinion, the fastest way to mass produce beautiful card sets, is to use layering stamps.  I’ve decided to use the Altenew’s Vintage roses stamp set along with the crisp inks.  I love these inks, they give a very crisp image which I like.  I have the mini set for space issues, but if I had more room, I’d get the regular size.

For sentiments for my card sets, I don’t like to put the sentiment on the actual card but instead I stamp it separately  and put it wit the card sets.  This way, the recipient can choose which sentiment they’d like to use.

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