How to make Distress ink Permanent-Scrapbook Layout






Aloha Guys!

Today I’m here with Tupelo Designs LLC and I have a Scrapbook layout for you.  I kind of made it into a mixed media layout.  It didn’t start out that way but I really love how it turned out.  Scrapbooking in general has come a long way and there are multiple of ways people are keeping their memories.  There’s a regular layout, digital layout, project life, pocket books, mixed media….etc.  It really depends on you and your way of doing things.  I still make traditional double spread of layouts as well as some project life style.  I think mixed media layouts are also fun because you can play with all of your mixed media mediums.

Generally when I create layers for mixed media, I like to start off with a permanent medium.  Meaning, I start with mediums that I can layer over without disturbing the bottom layer.  As you all know, Distress line is very reactive with water besides their distress paints.  That’s what makes their products so unique but that can also be a bit challenging when layering a lot of different mediums.  In the last release, they brought out this fantastic new glaze that’ll made any distress line waterproof.  Awesome, right?  I don’t think I shared this product so that’s what I decided to do.  I totally changed my mind in the middle of this layout and came up with something that was totally different than my original design.

I started with my paper prepping using tissue paper to create some added texture and put gesso  on the entire surface to mute down my pattern paper.  I then chose 4 distress stains and sprayed at the top of the page, creating some fun drips.  I actually added some distress glaze on top of the sprays once it was dried and you’ll see a slight shine, from the glaze when I tilt it in the light.  Another one of my favorite technique is mixing my matte gel medium with the distress inks.  That will create a colored gel medium, which will remain permanent once it’s dried.  I’ve added some additional textures to finish off my page.  I kept it pretty simple yet colorful 🙂  All the mediums I used today are Faber-Castell Design Memory Crafts line and they are one of my favorites.   I hope you liked this video and please share, subscribe and like for more tutorials like this.  I thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you back soon 🙂

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