Easy Shaker Card Using Vellum and Faber Castell Pencils-Gerda Steiner Designs and Paper Temptress





Aloha Guys!

Today I’m making a Quick and easy vellum shaker card using Paper Temptess Card stock/Vellum and Gerda Steiner Designs Rubber stamp called Monster Kid.  I’ll be using several different products today, and I’ll explain a little about these products as I go.  First off, I’m using Gerda’s Rubber stamp today, and she has Digital stamps, Clear stamps and Rubber stamps available in her store.  I use her Digital and Clear stamps all the time, but I think this is the first time I’m sharing her Rubber stamps.  Just to explain a little about her rubber stamps, her rubber stamps come in Rubber only form.  Which means, it doesn’t have the cling cushion that you normally use to stick the stamp on to your acrylic block.  You have the option to mount them onto a cling foam mount if you choose to do so. I like to use my bare rubber stamps with the Aileen’s tack it over and over glue, which I explain in the video.  Her rubber stamps are excellent quality and it’s very thick and deeply etched, which will give you a really great impression.  I decide to use watercolor pencils to color in this image and I’m using the Faber Castell’s Art grip watercolor pencils.  These watercolor pencils are highly pigmented, great quality pencils which blend really easily, as you can see in the video.  They’re available in color family sets as well as different quantity sets.  I have a few of the color family sets, and I didn’t have all the color pallet available to me, so I implemented the Peerless watercolor as well.  These are fantastic pencils, and I love them dearly.

I also made a simple shaker portion, using some of Paper Temptress’s yummy colored vellum.  I love making this simple shaker, which is simple to make yet very fun.  Her vellum is perfect for things like this, because they are very thick and high quality.  I love these purple and orange card stocks, which also has some texture to them, which will add some more interest to this card.  Her card stocks are very thick and sturdy, making them very easy to work with.  I hope you like this card and please check out the video for the step by step tutorial. I thank you guys so much for stopping by and please subscribe and follow for more inspiration and ideas.  Thanks again.

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Simple Watercoloring Using Peerless Watercolors Tupelo Designs LLC




Aloha Guys!

Today I’m making a card for Tupelo Designs LLC and I’ll be doing some simple watercoloring using the Peerless Watercolors.  The stamp set that I used are these Stampendous Jumbo Hummingbird stamp set.  I personally love their Jumbo stamp line because they are so fun to color.  They are very large so you can experiment with all types of mediums, and have fun.  Today I decided to emboss these birds using the Wow white pearl powder, which will give us this soft watercolor look.  I used the Peerless watercolors today, and if you haven’t tried these watercolors, I recommend them very much.  They come in paper form and it has a highly pigmented colors on them so they are very easy to work with.  This is one of my favorite watercolor set.  The colors are so rich and vibrant, they are absolutely gorgeous.  If you have a hard time staying in the lines when you watercolor, try embossing the stamp first.  This will make the embossed lines raise up, which will help you stay in the lines.  I just love how these birds turned out, and I love the colorful look, these birds have.  I hope you enjoyed this card and please check out the video for step by step instructions.  I thank you guys so much for stopping by and all the supplies I used will be located below if you want to check that out.  Please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks again.

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Watercolor and ink pad coloring Tupelo Designs LLC



Aloha Guys!

Today I’m making a DT card for Tupelo Designs LLC using the New Waffle Flower stamp set called Hibiscus.  It seems like the Hawaiian and Polynesian theme is becoming popular with all the hibiscus and pineapples everywhere.  Today’s stamp set has some Hibiscus and this bird that I’ll be partially watercoloring and stamping.  I love the fact that we have the option to choose whether you want to color or just stamp.  I do both today and I’m using the Peerless watercolor’s, which is one of my favorites because of it’s vibrant colors.  I wanted this bird to be very bright and colorful.  I love this stamp set and I’ll definitely use it again with the Hibiscus next time.  I hope you like this and for the step by step, please watch the video up above.  Please give a thumbs up if you like this card and hit the subscribe button for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you guys next time 🙂

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Tupelo Designs LLC Intro To Peerless Watercolors


Aloha Guys!

Today I’m doing an Introduction of the Peerless Watercolors for Tupelo Designs LLC.  These watercolors are not Brand new but Tupelo Designs LLC just got All the Peerless Watercolor Collections so I wanted to kind of introduce this product and talk a little more about how I store it and also share how I used them.  These are a Very High Quality watercolors and it’s very uniquely designed.  Instead of the watercolors being a caked form or paint form, this comes in paper form.  That is a very unique design and it’s very portable.  The watercolors are on this special paper and there are variety of colors and different collection for a very reasonable  price.  The colors are also Very Intense so this will last you a very long time.  I have a video explaining a little more about them and I share how I store them.  You can find what works for you as far as storage and there are a lot of options.  Check out the links below if you’re interested in these watercolors.  Some may be sold out, since the popularity of this product but they’ll be getting more in shortly.  Also, check out the video below for more information.  Thank you so much for visiting and please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks so much!


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My Peerless Watercolor and Amazon Haul 6-25-14

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Aloha Everyone!

Today I’m excited to share a small Haul from Ellen Hutson and Amazon.  I’m Really excited about the New Peerless Watercolor purchase!  I’ve been waiting to purchase this and Finally it came.  I bought the 40 Add on colors because Ellen Hutson was sold out of the 12 pack and Simon Says Stamp was out of the 40 add on’s and had the 12 pack.  Ugh!  I wanted to purchase the whole set but it’s very popular so it sells out quickly!  I’ll probably go back to purchase the rest at Simon Says soon.  I also purchased several things from Amazon.  I hope you enjoyed watching my video and Please Subscribe if you haven’t already done so, I’d REALLY Appreciated!  Thanks so much

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