Tupelo Designs LLC HAUL

Tupelo Haul

Aloha Guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my Haul from Tupelo Designs LLC.  I got some Amazing products and I’m so excited to play and experiment with these.  I purchased some items that I’ve never heard of before.  They carry so many Unique items that I never knew about.  I purchased the Marion Smith Color Lab Starter set and this one kit can make tons and tons of color, it’s very highly pigmented.  I also got some of the New Faber Castell Metallic Gelatos, Sectrum Aqua Markers, 3@rt’s paints, and more.  My wish list keeps growing and growing.  Lately, I’ve been very interested in Art journaling and I purchased some of these items for my Art journal I’m going to make with you guys on Camera.  I’ve never filmed my ACT’s or my Art journals but I will be doing these shortly, I’m still at the collecting phase, lol

I Have a Full Tutorial on my Youtube channel if you’d like to see All of the items I got.  I hope to see you soon with New product Focuses.  Thank you so much and please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks

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