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Aloha Guys!

Today I’m making a DT card for Tupelo Designs LLC using the New Waffle Flower stamp set called Hibiscus.  It seems like the Hawaiian and Polynesian theme is becoming popular with all the hibiscus and pineapples everywhere.  Today’s stamp set has some Hibiscus and this bird that I’ll be partially watercoloring and stamping.  I love the fact that we have the option to choose whether you want to color or just stamp.  I do both today and I’m using the Peerless watercolor’s, which is one of my favorites because of it’s vibrant colors.  I wanted this bird to be very bright and colorful.  I love this stamp set and I’ll definitely use it again with the Hibiscus next time.  I hope you like this and for the step by step, please watch the video up above.  Please give a thumbs up if you like this card and hit the subscribe button for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you guys next time 🙂

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Coloring Hibiscus with Spectrum Noirs and Some Tips-Tupelo Designs LLC





Aloha Guys!

Today I’m making a DT card for Tupelo Designs LLC using the Hibiscus stamp set from Designs by Ryn.  I’ll be using Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and I’ll quickly go over some tips on using your bare rubber stamps without mounting it on Cling foam.  If you are interested in mounting your stamps on the cling foam, I’ll leave a link below where Jane shows the entire process.

These stamps Designs by Ryn are such a high quality red rubber stamps.  They are very deeply etched and detailed, so you won’t have any issues with getting a good crisp image.  I personally like to use a Rock-A-Block when I’m stamping bare rubber stamps.  That’s just my preference and you can play around with different types of block.  There’s a slight learning curve to it but once you get use to them, they are great.

I’ll be coloring most of my flowers off camera but I will share several petals and go over some things.  These flowers took over and hour to color, and I don’t think you want to watch me color for an hour.  You can go ahead and check out the video above for the whole process as well as some tips for using your bare rubber stamps.

I’m trying out couple different tools that I’ve never used before. I show it very briefly since the video was fast forwarded 4x.  One is the Blending tool that Mike, owner of Tupelo Designs LLC actually makes, and the other being the Teflon Bone Folder.  I’ll share more footage of using this tool in another video but I just gotta say, they are fantastic tools.  The blending tool is perfectly shaped so I can grab it very easily and makes blending much easier.  I have wrist problems so this tool is perfect for my hands.  The other tool that i’m fascinated by is the Teflon Bone folder.  I’ve seen others use it, and it was highly recommended by tons of people and now I know the reason why.  They give a really crisp scor and when you burnish the fold, there is no shinny residue.  It also feels good in my hands as well.  I’m super excited about these New tools for me, I’ll share more about it later on.  I hope you like this card and tips I gave was useful.  Please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you guys next time.

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