DIY Hot Glue Stencils (Pre-recorded)


Aloha Guys!

It’s been a Long time!! This is ANOTHER Pre-recorded video before I got hurt. I have one more video left, that was recorded while back and I’m trying to space¬†them out so you guys don’t forget me, lol. ūüėČ ¬†I miss you guys sooooo much and I appreciate all of your comforting words!!

This is week 3 or 4 (I lost count) since I’ve been bed ridden and the Dr. says to expect at least 3 more weeks or more before I’ll be fully functional. ¬†Some days are better than others but and the pain just doesn’t seem to go away! ¬†Sucks Big Time!!! ¬† I try to keep myself occupied, when I’m able to but most of the time I’m watching Youtube videos, lol. ¬†I watched soooo many, I’m running out of things to watch, LOL. ¬†What do I do when I’m able to sit up for awhile?? ¬†I’ve been coloring in my coloring books, I’ve been trying to make prototypes of Mini abums and I’ve been coffee staining some paper, LOL. ¬†I’ve been watching many videos like I mentioned and one of the thing that intrigued me was Junk Journals!! ¬†I tried to put one together but it’s not easy to find vintage stuff here in Hawaii, especially since I can’t go anywhere. ¬†I’ve tried to order some online but they are not cheap, lol. ¬†It would defeat the purpose of a Junk journal if Im spending $100’s of dollars to buy vintage items….heeeheeeheee ūüėČ ¬†Soooooo, I’ve been doing a lot of coffee staining and since I don’t have the luxury to stand by the oven to bake them. ¬†I’ve been drying them page by page with my heat gun. ¬†Which takes FOREVER!! Lol, but I have lots of time so that’s what I’ve been up to lately. ¬†Someone also asked me for my address because they wanted to ¬†send me a get well card, that’s sooooo sweet ūüėČ ¬†Since I am unable to go downstairs when the mailman comes, I will leave my husbands work address instead. ¬†I forgot who asked me and I’m unable to find the message for some reason, I’ll just leave the address below. ¬†It’ll go directly to his office so it’s the fastest way and I’ll be sure to get it for sure. ¬†I know the mailman leaves mail in our mailbox but sometimes we have mail thieves. ¬†Pretty strange!! ¬†Why would you want someone else’s mail?? ¬†Anyways, that’s the scoop for now and I hope you enjoy this quick video. ¬†Love you guys and miss you guys soooo much!! ¬†Much much hugs ‚̧ ¬†Until next time….Thank you so so much!!

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