Chameleon Color Tones Review and Blending Tips


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Today I’m sharing the Chameleon Color Tones markers. I’ve had this for some time but I don’t think I’ve shared these yet so I thought today would be a great day to share them. I’ll go over some of the features of the markers and give you some blending tips that work really well for me. I hope you found this helpful. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment, and share. It helps me out tremendously, I really appreciate it. Thanks so much. Hugs ūüôā

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Virginia Turtle Stamp and Chameleon Markers




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Today i’m making a card using these adorable stamps from Virginia Turtle stamps. ¬†This is a small husband and wife company and they have the most cutest stamps ever. ¬†I’m using these sushi rolls today and I’m coloring them using the Chameleon markers. ¬†Chameleon markers are unlike any other alcohol markers so I really wanted to try them out and I had an opportunity to try out these 5 set of markers. ¬†They have 20 colors in all but each marker has it’s own mixing chamber what can infuse the markers so you can get multiple tones with just one marker. ¬†After playing around with these for a while, I wanted to make a card and this stamp set was a perfect stamp set to try out these markers. ¬†I colored each of the sushi rolls in all 5 colors and i hope you can see how these markers work. ¬†I personally like these markers and I think it’s a very unique design. ¬†I had a lot of fun making this card so I hope you enjoyed it. ¬†Please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas. ¬†Thanks again. ¬†For all the supplies I used on this card can be found in the description below. ¬†Thanks again