Inktense Pencil Review and Limited Time Deal?


Hi Guys!

I just wanted to share a Fantastic deal on these Intense pencils on Amazon. I’m not sure how long this price will remain so I wanted to share them quickly, just in case the prices change 🙂 PLEASE don’t blame me if the prices change! I purchased 1 for a gift, so it’s definitely the real deal. If you choose not to click the link provided below that’s absolutely fine, I totally understand. I just wanted to share the deal, if I can help you save some money 🙂
It’s beginning of October 2016 so if you’re watching this later on, the prices will vary.
I’ll also share how to color with these pencils on Watercolor paper as well as on a regular card stock. Please Subscribe, Like, Share, if you found this helpful. Good luck! Thanks so much. Hugs

(Full Disclaimer available on my blog)
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