Tupelo Designs DT Project-Art Journal 1


Aloha Guys!  Today I’m making a DT project for Tupelo Designs LLC and I decided to make an Art journal using the page we created with the Dylusion’s Paints.  I love the vibrancy of the colors and I didn’t want it to go to waste so I wanted to use it for todays project.  i’m also using the Stampendous Jumbo Butterflies stamp set, which is one of my favorite butterfly stamps.  I’m also using the Indigo Blu Stamp as well.  This stamps set is also very beautiful.  So many images in one set, you can do a lot of projects with them.  I  played with New mediums that I’ve never used before, which was super fun.  I do have a Full tutorial above if you’d like to see the entire process of how I made this page.  Very simple but I love the colors.  I thank you guys so much for visiting my channel and please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  I’m really starting to get into this mixed media thing and I’m sure i’ll make another real soon.  All the supplies I used on this page will be listed in the description below.  Thank you guys so much and I hope to catch you next time.  Mahalo

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Dylusions Paints Review


Aloha Guys!

Today I’m playing around with these New Dylusions Paints that I received as a DT Package from Tupelo Designs LLC.  They were generous enough to send me these as a DT package which I am super thankful for.  I have been eyeing these out ever since it was released at CHA.  This paint was demonstrated  at CHA by Dyan Reaveley and according to her, they were super easy to use and Anyone can use these very easily which was right up my alley since I’m not too familiar with working with paints.  As you guys know, I make a lot of cards and I use mostly translucent mediums to color my stamped images so the lines will show through so I don’t use many Opaque or Semi-opaque mediums.  Paints are a little intimidating for me, it’s something I’mnot too familiar with.  Lately though, I’ve been very intrigued with mixed media and Art journals and I have been collecting a lot of things for it but I’ve only done 1 Art journal, lol.  It is kind of scary trying something new, especially on camera.  So I was super excited about these paints since she made it look so easy to use.  The colors are so vibrant and bright so it was super fun playing with them.

First thing I did was to swatch out my colors to see if the colors change after it dries and there was no change in the vibrancy of the color.  I do these product focuses so that you guys can see how a product is hands on.  When a new product launches in the market, I have lots of questions regarding the product.  I personally want to see them used so that I can make a decision whether or not the product is for me.  That is the reason why I do these product focuses.  I did make a video using these paints in many different ways.  Some things worked and some things didn’t, lol.  Even though it may not be a perfect video, I still hope you guys enjoy them.  I have a full supply list below if you think this paint is something you want to invest in.  In my opinion, these paints were very easy to use, just as Dyan said they would be.  The paint jar is really a good size and you definitely get a lot of paint in it.  Thank you so much for visiting and Please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas. Thanks so much, Mahalo

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My First Art Journal Page-My Daughter Birthday Theme

Journal 1



Aloha Guys!

Today I’m bringing you something a little different.  I made My First art journal page video!!  I was doing some art journals on the side, playing around with different mediums, doing some doodling, watercoloring and things and I finally decided to make one on Film.  This was a big jump for me and something completely different than my normal card making.  What better way to start by Dedicating this page to my 2 daughters that had their Birthdays in March.  My oldest daughter turned 21 and my youngest daughter turned 5.  Those are the numbers you see on the balloons.

I cut out the Balloons and also used 2 cupcakes as my Focal points and I just started the process from there.  Once I decided on my focal images, it was pretty easy from there.  Unlike card making, I didn’t have to worry about the recipient liking the card I made for them so this was more on the Freestyle.  It was so much fun making it that I think I want to make another one already, lol.  By the way, this art journal style was highly inspired by Vicky from Clipncuts.  I’m sure you guys have seen her Amazing work and I’ll leave a link below to her channel below if you want to check it out.  She does Stunning work and I learned a lot from her in both card making and Art journals.

I feel that my art journals are more geared towards card maker style.  What I mean by that is, because I make a lot of cards, my art journals are more on the same level.  I will definitely be making more art journals in the future so stay tuned.  Some of the items I used on this journal is from Tupelo Designs LLC and I will have a supplies listed below.  Thank you so much for visiting my site and please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  Much Mahalo:)

Check out the Full Tutorial:

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