Hoppy Spring Art Journal Page with Gerda Steiner Designs






Aloha Guys!

Today I have this whimsical Art journal page for you using Gerda Steiner Designs stamp sets.  I’ve used the Brush Bunny and Hoppy Happy stamp sets for this Journal.  When I saw this bunny holding a paintbrush, I knew I wanted to make a journal page out of it.  Since this bunny is super adorable, I decided to go with it and made this whimsical journal page. This is actually a book that I used.  I found 2 ginormous boxes full of text books and reading books that belong to my oldest daughter.  We boxed them up and put it with other items to donate but forgot about it.  Good thing I opened them up, it was like finding a gold mind, lol.  Here I was, purchasing used books from the Goodwill stores for $2.99-$4.99 to use for journaling and such, so I was thrilled that I found them!!  Yay!  Now I have tons of books I can use for any type of projects that I’ll be doing in the future!  Well, I hope you enjoy this step by step process.  If you enjoy this video, please subscribe, like and share if you can.  I’d really appreciate it.  I thank you guys so much for stopping by and all your wonderful support.  I truly appreciate every single one of you.  Love you all and I’ll see you back soon 🙂

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One thought on “Hoppy Spring Art Journal Page with Gerda Steiner Designs

  1. Saw this delightful journal page on Gerda’s blog. Just love it! So colorful and what a fabulous bkgrd. Thanks for sharing.

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