Mini Album Series-Assembly and Hidden Hinge Binding


Aloha Guys!

This is the Part 1`of our Mini Album Series for Tupelo Designs LLC.  All the supplies were provided for me from TDLLC 🙂  In this part, we’ll be working on our Hidden Hinge Binding (not my idea, it’s Kathy Orthas) and Assembly.  The video is a little long but I did everything in real time, so others will be this long as well.  I hope you’ll have fun and enjoy making this Album with me.  I know there are many of you that are first timers, so I wanted to make it as simple as possible.  If you have suggestion and feedbacks, it’s definitely welcome 🙂

The next episode will include making the Tags, additional Pockets and Flaps.  I’ll see you guys back on Monday 😉

This video took all day to upload so I want to get the video out to you ASAP 🙂  There are some supplies, you’ll be needing for the next Episode, so be sure to watch the video.  Majority of the supplies listed below, will be used during out Series 😉  Thank you guys so much for all your support.  Hugs ❤

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