Virginia Turtle Stamp and Chameleon Markers




Aloha Guys!

Today i’m making a card using these adorable stamps from Virginia Turtle stamps.  This is a small husband and wife company and they have the most cutest stamps ever.  I’m using these sushi rolls today and I’m coloring them using the Chameleon markers.  Chameleon markers are unlike any other alcohol markers so I really wanted to try them out and I had an opportunity to try out these 5 set of markers.  They have 20 colors in all but each marker has it’s own mixing chamber what can infuse the markers so you can get multiple tones with just one marker.  After playing around with these for a while, I wanted to make a card and this stamp set was a perfect stamp set to try out these markers.  I colored each of the sushi rolls in all 5 colors and i hope you can see how these markers work.  I personally like these markers and I think it’s a very unique design.  I had a lot of fun making this card so I hope you enjoyed it.  Please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks again.  For all the supplies I used on this card can be found in the description below.  Thanks again

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