Simple Blending using Zig Clean Colors and Altenew-Tupelo Designs LLC



Aloha Guys!

Today i’m doing a DT card for Tupelo Designs LLC and I;m going to share this Simple blending tip using the Zig Clean color real brush markers.  These markers Amazing and I only used 3 colors for these Altenew Bejeweled Butterflies and I used the marker itself to do the blending.  Because these are real brushes thats on the markers, blending it with the brush will not contaminate the markers unlike some of the felt tipped watercolor markers.  That’s what make them Unique.  Even if you have trouble watercoloring or coloring in general, you’ll find these easy to use.  These markers are highly pigmented so you don’t need much to create beautiful colors and they blend very easily.  I hope this video helps you out a little and helps you decide if you were interested in these markers.  These markers are sold in a lot of different sets as well as individually so you can customize your own color pallet.  I thank you guys so much for visiting and please subscribe and follow for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks so much.  Please check out my other videos on my Youtube channel as well.  Thank you so much 🙂

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