Product Focus-Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers






Aloha Guys!

Yesterday I posted a flower that I colored with my New Npectrum Noir Alcohol Markers.  Today, I’m sharing some more coloring using these markers.  I had several questions regarding skin tones and Hair colors.  I decide to make a Product Focus on these markers and kind of shared the differences form this Spectrum Noir vs. Copics.  I have a Full video on this Product Focus on my Blog.  Also, Tupelo Designs LLC is having a 10% off on all the Spectrum Markers as well as the Brand New Spectrum Noir Aquas.  So this is the perfect time to stock up on some markers.  These markers are Very reasonably priced and I really like these markers.  Thank you so much for visiting and please subscribe for more inspirations and ideas.  Thanks so much, Mahalo

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