Quick and Easy Shaker Ornament


Aloha a guy!

Today I’m sharing this Quick and Easy Ornament for last minute gifts or make them yourself like I did. I made mine using my kids pictures so it’s like a keepsake ornament. I’m also making the star ones for the last minute gifts. Even though I try to be organized and purchase gifts for them but there is always those ‘OMG, I forgot about them!!’ Gifts. So I try to have some things on hand for a quick gift. I don’t know about you guys but I am so sick right now, caught it from my daughter. I hope I get better soon since Christmas is in 2 days!! I wish you guys a Merry Christmas and I’ll be back after Christmas to share more projects! Thank you so much for visiting and I do have a Full tutorial on how I made these ornaments on my YouTube channel if you’d like to check them out! Thank you so much and Much Mahalo!!

Youtube: http://youtube.com/channel/UCSmaap84Uvp7NPOcnJXGV9A
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