Having fun with watercolor paints


Aloha Guy!

Happy Monday!! I don’t know about you guys but a lot of the times, Monday’s add my Lazy days. I don’t know why but on Mondays, I don’t really feel like doing anything. I just like to watch YouTube and just color things without thinking of anything. So these are the days I just sit and color. Today I’m playing with watercolor paints and I’m just coloring a whole bunch of things and just playing. I have like a full box of colored images which never really make it on a card. This is a Hero Arts stamp that I love to color. I’ve colored so many of these with all sorts of mediums. I think this is a really good size to color. I have tons more gifts to still make and I’m just procrastinating. I may have the Holiday blues, lol or just overwhelmed!! Anyways, I hope you guys like this and do some coloring just for fun. Thank you so much and I really do appreciate all of your support. Thanks and Much Mahalo!!

Youtube: http://youtube.com/channel/UCSmaap84Uvp7NPOcnJXGV9A
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This is a Chinese Lantern? I think, that I followed Linsay from the frugalcrater’s painting. She makes it so each to just follow along. Check out her videos on her YouTube channel, thefrugalcrafter!
Thanks Linsay!!:)


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