Simple Rainbow Card Using Sharpies


Aloha guys!

Today I’m sharing this super simple card utilizing your regular sharpies! I just scribbled different colors onto this Glossy card stock. While back I bought a rim of glossy card stock but I never used it. You can also use a photo paper for this too if you don’t have glossy card stock. After scribbling all the colors I wanted, I used some denatured Alcohol in a dropper and just dropped it here and there on the colors. It created this really cool effect! So I just dropped more and more. You can just use a regular alcohol too. I have my alcohol in a spray so I sprayed that too. Just play with it and have fun! I also cut out a frame using black card stock and put it on top of the rainbow cardstock. I originally was going to put vellum on top but it converted up all the fabulous colors so I decided not to and left it as is with the black frame. I cut out the word thanks multiple times and attached all 5 together. I put some finishing touches and added some gold stars I cut out using glitter paper. I have a tutorial on my YouTube channel if you’d like to check it out. Thanks for visiting and please subscribe for more inspirations and ideas!
Much Mahalo,
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