TAWS-BIC Challenge #57. I was chosen as one of the top 3!! Yay!

Aloha Guys!


Today I am Super excited to share with you that I was chosen as one of the 3 favorite picks for the TAWS Be Inspired Challenge I entered last week.  I am Super Honored that I was chosen with so many unbelievable cards that they had.  You guys know that The Alley Way Stamps are my New found fave right?  Not because of this but ever since I laid my eyes on these adorable stamps.  This week’s BIC Challenge is #58 and please check them out and enter the challenge.  It’s super fun and maybe you’re card will be chosen too.  Thanks so much and please subscribe for more inspirations and ideas.  You can check out my tutorial for this card on my youtube channel if you’d like.  Thank you so much and a great big Thanks to The Alley Ways Stamps!!  Woot Woot!!

Much Mahalo

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