How to color using Crayola pencils and OMS on a book page

This video doesn’t exist

I just wanted to share my New and improved video quality with you guys.  It was really frustrating that every time I upload a video it came out blurry.  Even I got annoyed watching my own video.  Thank you so much for your patience.  i finally figured out that my conversion was not in HD.  Once i figured that out and reconvert it to HD, videos became much more clear.  So I’m sharing my new and improved video today.  This is a coloring tutorial with Crayola colored pencils and OMS (odorless mineral spritz) on a old book page using Penny Black stamp (Blooming Garden).  There’s a lot of remarkable colored pencils out there and I have a quite a bit of them myself but they can get very pricey.  So when I found out that you can use OMS to blend any colored pencils, I tried it out with my daughters Crayola colored pencils.  I love to color and draw on and old book page for a truly distressed look so I decided to stamp out Penny Black blooming garden and color .  I think the results are amazing.  I didn’t come up with this whole idea but whoever came up with it  is very cleaver.  So try it out if you haven’t already…

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