Some odd girl stamp 60s Mae-Copic Coloring

This video doesn’t exist

Today I’m sharing several videos that I uploaded on my YouTube channel.  I’m quite disappointed with the quality of this video.  I even purchased the new Sony HD camcorder to record so my videos will look better but I’m probably converting it wrong or something:(. It looks perfect on my iMovie but when i upload it, the video gets distorted.  Can anyone help??

This video is a Copic Coloring that I did on some odd girl digital image, 60s Mod Mae.  I am not an expert in coloring with copic markers, I just wanted to share how I like to color.  I want  to warn you in advance that this is a Long video.  I tried my best to edit it but it’s still long.  The colors I used are:

E00, E000, E11, E21, R22, R20, R30, E53, E55, E57, E59,  B06, B05, B01, 100, C09, C07, C05, C03 and colorless blender

Thank you,



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